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  • 1 to 2 dozen large oysters, shucked
  • 1 pouch Kevin's Natural Foods Korean BBQ sauce
  • fresh cilantro leaves
  • 2 Tablespoons organic sesame oil
  • 2 Tablespoons tuxedo sesame seeds
  • lemon wedges

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Many moons ago, we were traveling up the coast to San Fransisco and happened upon this roadside barbecue oyster shack. This was a no frills place lined with picnic tables and an open grill. That experience has been forever sketched in my memory. I think of it quite often. So, when I was challenged to create a seafood recipe using one of Kevin’s Natural Foods sauces, I knew exactly what I would be making. This recipe for Korean BBQ Grilled Oysters is a take on my lovely experience of enjoying barbecue grilled oysters during this trip. Let me tell you, they are AMAZING!

Honestly, the flavor packed into this pouch of Kevin’s Natural Foods Korean BBQ Sauce could make shoe leather taste fantastic. As soon as these beauties were perfectly grilled, I could not want to dive in. My only regret is that I should have prepared a few dozen. Not only is this recipe super simple and delicious, it is also Paleo, gluten-free and Keto thanks to Kevin’s mission to “eat clean without sacrificing flavor.”

me holding a pouch of Kevin's Natural Foods Korean BBQ Sauce

Be sure to check out Kevin’s Natural Foods complete line of not only super flavorful, but also clean eating product offerings. Give them a follow on FacebookInstagram and Pinterest. Another bonus, their products are gluten-free!


With so many oyster farms around the country, one can enjoy fresh oysters throughout the year. Forget about the so-called “oyster season.” If you are serving this as an appetizer, I would suggest preparing four to six oysters per person. Maybe a few more If you are serving oyster lovers. Believe me, you hardly stop eating them. Ask your local fishmonger to suggest the perfect oyster for grilling. Quite often, I use either Blue Points or James River.

For this recipe, I chose White Stone Oysters. They are a fairly large oyster that stand up well to the heat of the grill. Additionally, their shell is quite deep which allows it to hold in all of the flavor from the sauce.


If for some reason you cannot buy the oysters shucked (on the half shell), there are two ways to get them open. First, you can shuck them yourself. This will require the use of an oyster shucking knife. Please do NOT use a regular knife or butter knife. This will only cause you pain. I mean this both literally, and figuratively!

Find the hinge. Place your shucking knife into the hinge and pop the knife up and down until the lid opens. Believe me, practice makes perfect. However, once you learn how to do this, it’s actually kind of fun. Be sure to use the oyster knife to release the oyster from its shell. In doing so, be sure to keep as much of the brine inside of the half shell as you can. This only provides for added flavor.

Secondly, you can place the oysters in the oven, or on the grill. In just a few minutes, you will see them start to open. Remove and take off the lid with the oyster knife. Just note, you only want the shell to pop. Leave them on too long, and they will cook through.


Heat the grill to 400 degrees. If you do not have access to a grill, you can easily prepare this recipe using your oven. Once all of the oysters have been shucked. Place a teaspoon full of Kevin’s Natural Foods Korean BBQ Sauce on top of each oyster. Carefully place each half shell onto the grill grates. Steady them as best as you can to avoid the oysters from falling over and spilling out all of their goodness.

Place lid. It should only take about four to five minutes for the sauce to bubble up and caramelize. Carefully remove the oysters and place onto a platter. My trick is to place ice cream salt on the platter to help steady the oysters. Garnish each oyster with a cilantro leaf. Drizzle on a touch of organic sesame oil. Lastly, sprinkle with sesame seeds. I was lucky enough to have tuxedo sesame seeds in my pantry.

Serve immediately with fresh lemon wedges. ENJOY this recipe for Korean BBQ Grilled Oysters!

Please take a moment and check out my recipes for Tomatillo Taco Shredded Beef, Cilantro Lime Roasted Cauliflower and Thai Coconut Chicken Tagine. Of course, all of these recipes were created using Kevin’s Natural Foods Paleo-Keto Sauces. Oh, and did I mention, they are also gluten-free!


I am more than just recipes. I love fashion and style too! Most importantly, I love my Family. My Husband (aka my “Kitchen Bitch”) means the world to me. He’s pretty damn cool too. Not only is he one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, he also has had a lengthy career in professional hockey. Not only winning two Stanley Cups with the Pittsburgh Penguins in the early ’90’s, but most recently winning the Calder Cup with the Charlotte Checkers, amongst many other accolades. If you live in Charlotte and play hockey, or have a family member who plays, be sure to contact him. He is known as one of the best skate sharpeners in the world!

Our life has changed dramatically in the past few years with the passing of our two goldendoodles, Vegas and Viva. We were lucky enough to have Vegas for five years (totally wish it was longer). Most recently, losing our Viva to a brain tumor in July of 2020. We welcomed our mini goldendoodle 7, almost seven years ago. We just added the amazing Hazel! Be sure to check out my recipe for Pet Bone Broth! This broth is super rich in nutrients and will provide your pet with a multitude of health benefits!


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