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Now that the weather is warming up…I am super excited to be firing up the grill. This Mexican Street Corn is the perfect side dish! Have children? Get them involved…they will enjoy topping the corn with all of this goodness.

You can also prepare this as a salad. After grilling the corn, cut from the cob and combine all of the ingredients for the sauce and cheese mixture below! I would suggest if you are making as a salad, grill ten to twelve ears instead of eight.

Fire up the grill to 400 – 450 degrees. Place the corn (seasoned with salt) directly on the grill and grill for about 10 to 15 minutes…turning often and browning on all sides. I did not have a grill at the ready for this recipe, so I used a grill pan on the stove…it worked well, but I would highly recommend using an outdoor grill…especially for the flavor.

While the corn in grilling, in a bowl, combine the mayo, sour cream, garlic powder, lime juice, chili powder, cayenne pepper and a pinch of kosher salt.

On a plate, combine the cheese, paprika, and fresh cilantro.

Remove the corn from the grill when the kernels have softened and have the perfect grill marks. Brush the corn well with the sauce then coat with the cheese mixture. Garnish with a little more of the fresh cilantro and ENJOY!

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