Most people shop without a list, without a wardrobe growing strategy and without knowledge of what works best for their own body. 

Let Charlotte Fashion Plate teach you how to shop smarter and much more efficiently by purchasing items that can be mixed and matched while transforming your wardrobe to one that best suits your style. Most importantlythey will be items that flatter you and your body type. One of the new wardrobe trends is a “Capsule Wardrobe”. These smaller, more versatile wardrobes are great for anyone who believes less is more and wants to transform their overwhelming or uninspiring closet! Most people have trouble creating a capsule wardrobe on their own because they either don’t know how to pick the best clothes for their lifestyle and body type and/or they have a hard time selecting versatile items which can be mixed and matched without being boring and uninspiring.

Allow Charlotte Fashion Plate to come to your rescue. We offer styling services for both men and women. Do you need a closet cleanout, a new wardrobe, or that perfect outfit for a special event? Let super stylist, Melissa help. 

The hourly rate for styling starts at $80.00 an hour with a three (3) hour minimum. Ready to get started? Use the contact page, or call 704-728-0295.

Charlotte Fashion Plate wants every client to follow this motto:  We want you to NEVER have to ask “How do I look?” when you walk out of your closet. 

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