Anti-Bullying Campaign

For the past seven months, I have been subjected to bullying on such an unbelievable scale by a few middle-aged women here in Charlotte. Due to the legal nature of my case, I am, at this point, going to forgo talking about the details, but I have been cleared by my lawyer to garner support for my efforts to end bullying and create beauty through my Anti-Bullying Campaign.

Anti-Bullying Campaign

Anti-Bullying Campaign

I have teamed up with a fabulous lady, Monica Speights Evans, who designed this fabulous t-shirt for me using the exact words my bully has used against me. I’m going to show all of those who have been affected by bullying that you ARE strong enough to stand up for yourself and to not allow their vile words to “DEFINE YOU.” Even tough many of us think bullying only happens to children and in schools…Bullying DOES extend beyond the classroom! Keep in mind…you are NOT being bullied because of something you did or didn’t do…the problem is with the BULLY!

I am turning these ugly words…that should never be used by a human being to define another human being…into a thing of beauty. Proceeds from the sale of these tees ($9 each) will be donated directly to The Gold District in conjunction with Magnolia Emporium. The Gold District will use these funds to purchase painting supplies for local artists to paint murals around our beautiful Queen City!

How to get involved!

To order this tee in a cotton/poly blend please visit Amazon here or you can visit Inktale to order all cotton tees and tanks.

I want to thank everyone for all of their love and support…I appreciate each and every one of you more than you will ever know! Please send me pictures of you in your tee so that I may share with my followers. Please share this message and let’s all work together to make every effort possible to stop the hate and spread more love worldwide! Special thanks to Jim Seidel at The Carolina Meat & Fish Co. and my Friend, Jo Dockins!



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