One of my favorite dishes to order at any Italian restaurant…Chicken Parmigiana. You may think this is a difficult and time-consuming recipe to prepare. It is not…in just a little over 30 minutes, you will have a juicy and crunchy chicken parmigiana recipe that you will want to prepare again and again.  Feel free to substitute veal or even shrimp. You will love this recipe I created!

Chicken Parmigiano

Chicken Parmigiano

I have to admit that I do take one very little short cut…I typically do not make my own marinara. I have found two that I love and are just as good as homemade. I combine a small container of Pasta & Provisions Marinara Sauce (can be purchased at The Carolina Fish and Food Market or at any Pasta & Provisions locations) with 1/2 jar of Mario Batali’s Marinara Sauce and a touch of olive oil in a saucepan and heat to medium-low.

Take two boneless chicken breasts and pound evenly to about 1/2 to 3/4 inch. Season with salt/pepper. In a freezer bag, add 1 Cup of flour and season with salt/pepper.  In a bowl, beat two eggs with 1 TBLS of milk. In a separate bowl, combine 2 Cups of seasoned breadcrumbs with 1/2 Cup of Parmesan cheese, and 1/2 Cup of rice flour (the rice flour makes the chicken super crunchy and allows the chicken to stand up to the sauce).

Heat to medium-high enough canola oil in a nonstick frying pan just to cover about 1/2 the thickness of the chicken breast. Place the chicken breasts in the flour, zip and shake to coat. Take one piece of chicken out of the bag, shake off any excess flour and place in egg mixture. Coat both sides then dip in the breadcrumb mixture…be sure to cover both sides.  I typically double-dip. Add the breaded chicken back to the egg mixture then back in to the breadcrumbs. Repeat the steps above with the second piece of chicken.

Add to heated oil and flip when one side turns golden brown.  Once both sides are browned, place on paper towels to remove any excess oil. Prepare a glass baking dish by spraying with nonstick spray and add a thin layer of the heated marinara to the bottom.  Place chicken in dish and cover each piece with a generous amount of sliced provolone cheese. Top the cheese with additional sauce. Cover and bake on 350 for about 10-12 minutes. Uncover and allow cheese to brown…about another 5 minutes…2 minutes if you turn on the broiler.  Top with chiffonades of basil. Serve with your favorite pasta mixed with the remaining marinara…I usually add a touch of heavy cream to the remaining sauce just for an added richness.  Serve and Enjoy!

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