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I have known Mallory for a few years now. She was so very helpful to me in assisting me while I styled a Fashion Show for Fashion D’ Lux two years ago. I always knew she had a passion for clothing and style…and I am super proud that she turned her dream into reality. She quit her full-time job and created MARU Collections!

I was so very honored to receive an email from her recently, asking me to help represent her brand…not only does she have an online boutique whereby she hand selects each item…she is deeply committed and goes the extra mile to ensure that all of her offerings are Made in America! Her slogan…”Quality over Quantity” is truly representative of her brand. Mallory will be expanding her collection soon by creating and incorporating her own line of clothing…I am so super excited for this reveal.

In addition to a few trendy items, I love that Mallory has focused on staple pieces that you should have in your wardrobe. Investing in these pieces is a no-fail! You can basically wear them all year long and will get so much use out of them…the limits are endless when it comes to creating outfits centered around these incredible pieces.

In the meantime…go give her a look…wonderful collections for women and men. Keep a watch out for her debut of MARU Originals!

Here are some of the looks I love…click links to purchase. Use my code MELISSA15 for a discount!

This Stars Forever Tank is one of my favorites! It has a loose fit, racerback style that is ultra soft and comfy…pair with jeans or leggings…wear year-round! These Day-to-Night Newton Skinny Jeans…OMG…they fit perfectly on your waist…not to high…not too low…and Ladies…they have stretch!!!

Who can resist this comfy dress with POCKETS!!! You will love this Saturday Soho Dress…comes in rust and black…one size fits all! Definitely a look you can pull off any season!

Melissa Latin

Melissa Latin

Charlotte Fashion Plate was founded and created by Melissa Latin to bring her keen eye for fashion and style, and her impeccable palate to Charlotte, North Carolina and around the globe. Charlotte Fashion Plate unites Melissa’s passion for both fashion and food to create fun, trendy and affordable looks with easy to follow recipes and current food trends. Charlotte Fashion Plate’s style is comfortable and classy with a bit of edge. Do you need help updating your wardrobe, or need that perfect outfit for a special event? Learn more about our styling services for both men and women in the Styling tab. As a self-proclaimed “foodie”, Charlotte Fashion Plate will take you on an exciting tour of Charlotte’s hottest restaurants, eateries and markets. You will discover where to go, what to order, and what not to miss. Be sure to follow Charlotte Fashion Plate for recipes that are simple, yet elegant. Watch step-by-step cooking videos that will transform you into an awesome home chef. You will be amazed at just how easy it is to make delicious meals in your very own kitchen. Charlotte Fashion Plate is also dedicated to supporting local businesses in the Charlotte area. We have and continue to collaborate with a number of local businesses and welcome businesses to contact us who may interested in forming alliances. A huge “Thank you” for all of your support. I’m super excited about the future of Charlotte Fashion Plate. Charlotte Fashion Plate!

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