Boardroom Advisory Group, LLC

I was so very honored and grateful to become a member of Boardroom Advisory Group, LLC this past week. As quoted on their website, "Boardroom Advisory Group, LLC is a global, independent advisor network of CXO's, business owners, and industry leaders specializing in a wide array of business disciplines who share a core focus; provide customers with innovative, comprehensive and high-quality solutions at a level of service exceeding expectations." Take a moment and visit their website to learn more about how you can become part of this amazing network.

I received my MBA from Waynesburg University in 1995 and had a lengthy 16-year career at Waynesburg University as an Accounting Professor.  

I launched my own company, Charlotte Fashion Plate in September of 2015 to showcase my passion for both fashion and food.  I am very pleased by its success and strive on a daily basis to build my brand.  The work is very rewarding and fun.  I keep my focus positive and love the relationships I have built with my fellow entrepreneurs, local businesses, and social media followers. 

Thanks to Steve Driben of Boardroom Advisory Group, LLC , for the fabulous profile highlighting my career and for believing in me and my company and the direction I am heading in the future.  

My Executive Profile is available by clicking here.